7 Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation

Chances are, you’ll have to give a presentation or two during your career. What makes a good presentation? And more importantly, how do you give a good presentation? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you nail your next one. Be believable. How well do you know your topic? Whether or not you know […]

The Death of Business Cards?

You’ve heard some people say business cards are dead, and you’ve heard people say business cards are still thriving. So which is it? And why are people saying business cards are dead? We live in a digital world, and lots of things actually function better in the digital space. However, some things still make a […]

Brand Marketing You Need to Know

Whether or not you’re involved in marketing, brand identity is something you should be aware of. Did you know that the U has specific brand requirements? If you’re worried about staying within the guidelines, our design team is on top of it. We’ve got you covered! Contact us uprint@utah.edu or 801-581-6171 today to get started […]

Ways to Move More

Physical activity is an important component to your physical and mental health. However, managing a busy schedule and being active can be difficult. When you’re juggling work, school, family, friends and more, it can be hard to find time to get a workout in. However, just because you can’t fit in a full workout, doesn’t […]

Unique Ways to Network

Want to reach out to someone, but you’re not sure how? Want to make an impression, but need to stay within a budget? Whether this is for a patient or for a potential client, we’ve got you covered! Write a hand-written card. We can help you with U of U-themed holiday cards, invitations, and thank […]

Not Just for Lovers

Once upon a time, February 14 was celebrated by lovers and hated by everyone else. Gone are the days of Valentine’s Day being just for couples. It’s also about friendships, family, and coworkers too! Since Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year, we’ve compiled a list of ideas you can do midweek, whether it’s […]