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Not Just for Lovers

Once upon a time, February 14 was celebrated by lovers and hated by everyone else. Gone are the days of Valentine’s Day being just for couples. It's also about friendships, family, and coworkers too!

Since Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year, we’ve compiled a list of ideas you can do midweek, whether it’s with that special someone, friends, family, or your coworkers!

Frost some sugar cookies.

If you're not sure about your skills with a pastry bag, you can buy some pre-decorated. These could be put in the breakroom at work or left in a conspicuous location for friends or family to find.

Decorate your home, office, room, etc.

Cut out some hearts of all colors, throw up some streamers, or get some balloons. Make it colorful! You can even get friends, family, or coworkers to help, making it an experience to share.

Take a walk.

Invite a few coworkers, friends, or family to grab a hot chocolate or a coffee and enjoy a nice stroll down the block. Of course, if the Utah weather isn't cooperating, you can find a cozy place to sit and have a conversation.

Write gratitude notes.

Grab some sticky notes or a notepad and write things you appreciate about someone else. Leave it somewhere they'll be sure to see. You'll make someone's day.

Give a Valentine’s card or poster.

They might be old school, but they're still popular and loved by all. Check out our cards and posters here. These can be purchased in our front office, ordered online, by calling 801.581.6171, or by emailing us at

Image credits:
Top image by Anna Shvets on Pexels
Heart Sugar Cookie: Alexander Grey on Unsplash
Heart-Shaped Balloons: Alesia Talkachova on Pexels
Friends with Coffee: William Fortunato on Pexels
Fountain Pen and Notebook: Aaron Burden on Unsplash