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3 Tips to Supercharge Your Outreach Efforts

Do you have trouble getting customers to understand important information about your services? Try these three things to boost your communication:

1. Host a Zoom Training or Webinar

Webinars educate people in a visual and audible format. This helps those who struggle to process and understand written material. Attendees can also ask questions from experts in real time.

Zoom is a great platform for hosting training sessions, and it’s free if you have a licensed university account. Another bonus is that many of your clients are likely already familiar with Zoom.

Depending on your license, you may be able to host a secure meeting for hundreds of participants without having to pay anything. To check how many participants can attend your meetings, log in to Zoom, go to your profile, scroll down to “License Type,” and view the participant number next to “Meeting.”

Host a Zoom Webinar like a pro

You might already know that Zoom has features like passcode protection, chat, and screen share. There are plenty of additional features that can turn a regular meeting into a professional training seminar.

1. Require registration. Having people register makes your session appear more professional, helps protect the meeting from unwanted viewers, allows you to gauge the potential attendance, and provides you with contact information that can be used to send reminder emails (we send ours through Mailchimp). Zoom can automatically approve registrants, or you can do it manually.

2. Brand the invite with your department or event logo.

3. Choose to have your attendees’ cameras and mics on or off upon entry. This feature allows you to control the look of the meeting and make it feel like a paid webinar service.

4. Live stream your meeting to places like Facebook or YouTube.

5. If you’re planning multiple sessions using the same information and settings, you can save the meeting as a template.

6. Sessions can be recorded and saved on your computer. Edit the recording and use it as an educational video on your website.

2. Create Informative Social Media Posts

Did you know that more people get their news from social media than from newspapers? You can use this to your advantage to reach your clients more effectively.

  1. Take sections from recorded webinars and make short videos to post.
  2. Use Twitter to post current articles about updated benefit information.
  3. Host regular roundtable discussions on Facebook Live—interview an expert such as a doctor, nurse, or a billing specialist with frequently asked questions.
  4. Post an infographic or short video defining a commonly misunderstood term. For example, you could define copays and describe how and when they apply.
  5. Create video playlists on YouTube or Facebook so people can browse and watch videos on the topics they’re most curious about.
  6. Don’t forget to be social. If your customers ask questions in the post’s comments, respond. You can also use their questions to create additional post topics.
  7. Post an image to promote an upcoming outreach event or training seminar.

3. Create Easy-to-Read Educational Handouts

Did you know that the average American adult reads at an eighth-grade level, and that some people struggle to understand standard medical terms? Help your customers by creating educational materials that are easy to read.

Tips to make your handouts readable

  1. Keep copy short and concise. Since people tend to skim text, you should utilize headers, sub-headers, and bullets to help organize the page and make it easier to take in.
  2. Use wide margins and leave white space between paragraphs (use short paragraphs when possible).
  3. Make the copy personal by using “you.”
  4. Focus on what they need to know rather than what is nice to know.
  5. Give specific guidelines and examples, such as “Eat 2 cups of vegetables every day.”
  6. Use images, graphics, and charts to illustrate a point.
  7. Provide a glossary defining commonly used medical terms using simple language.
  8. Provide handouts in both English and Spanish.

Our designers can help you create flyers, brochures, and other handouts. To get started, call us at 801-581-6171 to speak with a Project Coordinator.

Top image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels</span