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New Year, Who Dis?

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Now that 2023 is here, what are your goals for the year? If you’re not sure where to start, or are scared to set goals you can’t keep, just remember that 2023 offers a clean slate. It’s a brand new year, and you can become a brand new you. Setting and accomplishing a goal releases dopamine, which can improve attention, memory, and motivation (Gino and Staats, 2016). Even achieving a small goal can result in a positive feedback loop that makes you more motivated to work harder going forward (Gino and Staats, 2016).

Set a few realistic and attainable resolutions. It will help you feel accomplished and motivate you to work harder. It’ll also get you closer to your goals!

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 50 goals. Pick and choose ones that work for you. Or, use them as a starting point to create your own goals.

1. Drink more water

2. Get more sleep

3. Learn to cook

4. Cook more meals at home

5. Learn a new skill

6. Learn to play an instrument

7. Get more exercise

8. Learn genealogy

9. Declutter your room/home

10. Meditate

11. Take up journaling

12. Read more

13. Take time to visit a family member (zoom, call, in person)

14. Volunteer somewhere

15. Take a hike

16. Plan a road trip

17. Take care of your skin

18. Learn more about a historical event

19. Visit a local museum

20. Create time without screens

21. Learn more about you

22. Write thank you notes and mail them

23. Start a gratitude journal

24. Get a makeover

25. Eat more fruits/veggies

26. Meal prep

27. Make a new friend

28. Visit a senior center

29. Zone into your creative side

30. Think before speaking

31. Get more organized

32. Listen to podcasts

33. Update your resume

34. Do something you’ve put off

35. Take time for yourself

36. Eat less sugar

37. Do random acts of kindness

38. Recycle

39. Start saving more money

40. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been

41. Remove toxic people from your life

42. Write down your goals

43. Complain less

44. Wake up earlier

45. Go to bed earlier

46. Be on time

47. Watch less tv

48. Learn a new language

49. Get outside more

50. Make an emergency kit

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Top image by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash