Campus Mail Drop-Offs

The new SMART MailCenter Traveler Document will replace the green slips in 2024. If you send mail using green slips for your department, please sign up for a SMART MailCenter account today to begin creating and managing your mail (or packages) online: SIGN UP HERE

Our Mail Handlers pickup and deliver mail to the following locations Monday – Friday. Pickup times may vary depending on the amount of mail at each location. Ask your supervisor for the exact drop-off location in the building. If you have questions, please give us a call. To speak with our mail department, contact Juan Sosa at, or call 801-581-4718

Please note that University Mail Services is a university service and is not a place to have personal mail / packages processed or delivered.

The list below is for Campus Mail only. To see SMART MailCenter Package drop-off locations, click here.

Drop-off LocationAddress
Academic Affairs201 President Circle Rm 205
Accounts Payable201 President Circle Rm 145
Administrative Affairs201 President Circle Rm 208, 209
Admissions201 S. 1460 E. Rm 250 S
Admissions Welcome Center260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 2155
Aerospace1901 E. South Campus Dr. 2012
American West/Humanities1995 DeTrobriand St. A & C.
Anthropology260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4625
ARUP Labs500 Chipeta Way
Assessment & Evaluation Utah Global, Enrollment Management201 S. 1460 E. Rm 68
Athletics (JHC)1825 E. South Campus Dr.
Auxiliary Services Development1945 DeTrobriand St.
Auxiliary Services Main Office220 Chase St.
BiochemistryN. Medical East Dr.
Board of Trustees201 President Circle Rm 305
Budget201 President Circle Rm 110
Campus Rec.1836 E. Student Life Way
Campus Store270 S. 1500 E. - Loading Dock
CCP, Neurology & Anatomy (BPRB)20 S. 2030 E.
College of Architecture375 S. 1530 E. Rm 235
College of Art375 S. 1530 E. Rm 161
College of Behavioral Science380 S. 1530 E.
College of Business1655 E. Campus Dr. Rm 1113
College of Education1721 Campus Center Dr.
College of Fine Arts (BTSALP)1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 1242, 1244, 1260
College of Health (HPER-North)250 S. 1850 E.
College of Nursing10 S. 2000 E.
College of Pharmacy (SKAGGS)30 S. 2000 E.
College of Social Work395 S. 1500 E. Rm 101
Communication Disorders380 S. 1530 E. Rm 1201
Commuter Services1901 E. South Campus Dr. 101
Continuing Education540 Arapeen Dr.
Copier Fleet1901 E. South Campus Dr.
Counseling Center/Tutoring201 S. 1460 E. Rm 426, 330
CSBS Advising260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 2455
CSBS Computing260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 1735
CSBS Dean's Office260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 3725
CVRTI95 S. Connor Rd.
Dean's Office1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 3202
Digital Lab260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4050
Economics260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4100
Education, Culture & Society1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 3280
Educational Leadership & Policy1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 2220
Educational Psychology1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 3220
EGI, MBI, Lung Health417-421 Wakara Way
Engagement & Campus Compact1901 E. South Campus Dr. 1120
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)125 Fort Douglas BLD.
Environmental & Sustainability260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4540
Ethnic Studies260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4200
Financial Business Systems201 President Circle Rm 405
Gardner Commons260 Central Campus Dr.
Gender Studies260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4215
General Accounting201 President Circle Rm 403
Genetic Epidemiology391 Chipeta Suite D
Geography260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 4625
Graduate School/Thesis201 President Circle Rm 302, 310
Guest House / Conference Services110 Fort Douglas BLD.
Health Science Library10 N. 1900 E.
Hinckley Institute260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 2018
Honors Center1975 DeTrobriand St.
Housing151 Connor Rd.
HR Training1901 E. South Campus Dr. 151
Human Genetics15 N. 2030 E.
Human Resources201 President Circle Rm 148,149
Huntsman Cancer Institute2000 Circle of Hope
Income Accounting201 S. 1460 E. Rm 165
Internal Audit201 President Circle Rm 707
Investment Mngmt. Office230 Chase St.
KUED/KUEN100 Wasatch Dr.
L2TREC255 Central Campus Dr. Rm 1930
Languages & Communication (LNCO)255 Central Campus Dr.
Languages & Literature255 Central Campus Dr. Rm 1400
Marketing & Comms. (UMC)75 Fort Douglas BLD.
Marriott Library295 S. 1500 E. - Loading Dock
Military Science255 Fort Douglas
Modern Dance (MCD)330 S. 1500 E. Rm 106
MPA, MPP, MIAGE (PAGE)260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 3050
Museum of Natural History301 Wakara Way
National Center of Veterans Studies (NCVS)260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 3525
Office of Equal Opportunity201 President Circle Rm 135
Office of General Counsel (Legal)201 President Circle Rm 309
Office of Global Engagement260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 3105
Park Building201 President Circle
Parks Recreation & Tourism1901 E. South Campus Dr. 1085
Pathology (EEJMB)N. Medical East Dr.
Performing Arts (PAB)240 S. 1500 E. Rm 206
Physical / Occupational Therapy520 Wakara Way
Physiology, College of Health, DentistryColorow
Placement201 S. 1460 E. Rm 350
PLCO392 Chipeta suite A
Police / Security1735 E South Campus Dr.
Political Science260 Central Campus Dr. Rm 3345
President's Office201 President Circle Rm 203
Property & Research Accounting201 President Circle Rm 406, 416
Psychology380 S. 1530 E. Rm 502
Purchasing201 President Circle Rm 170
Real Estate Administration505 Arapeen Dr.
Red Butte Garden300 Wakara Way
Registrar's Office201 S. 1460 E. Rm 250 N
Research Administration Bldg. (RAB)75 S. Connor Rd.
Research Development Office1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 1224, 1240
Risk Management201 President Circle Rm 408
Rocky Mountain391 Chipeta Suite B & C
Scheduling201 S. 1460 E. Rm 40
Scholarships201 S. 1460 E. Rm 135
Sociology380 S. 1530 E. Rm 301
Sorensen Impact Center85 Fort Douglas BLD.
Special Education1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 2280
Student Affairs201 President Circle Rm 206
Student Service Building (SSB)201 S. 1460 E.
Student Systems201 S. 1460 E. Rm 60
Surplus & Salvage2104 E. Stover St.
Sustainability1635 E. Campus Center Dr. Rm 50 (BUC 50)
Tanner Dance1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 1121
Tax Services201 President Circle Rm 411
Teaching & Learning (UITE)1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 2260
Tech Venture105 Fort Douglas BLD
Testing Center201 S. 1460 E. Rm 498
TRIO1901 E. South Campus Dr. 2075
TVC615 Arapeen Dr.
Union (Front Desk)200 Central Campus Dr.
University College201 S. 1460 E. Rm 450
University Print & Mail ServicesV. Randall Turpin University Services Building (USB) 1795 E South Campus Dr. Rm 135
University Student Apartments1945 Sunnyside Dr.
Utah Policy Center1721 Campus Center Dr. Rm 1218
VA Medical Center500 Foothill Dr.
VP of Research201 President Circle Rm 210
VP of University Relations201 President Circle Rm 201
Western American Language95 Fort Douglas BLDG 603