Send USPS First Class Mail

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To send United States Post Office First Class Mail through University Mail Services, you are going to need a Green Mail Card.

Mailing Process
  1. To get Green Mail Cards, contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171.
  2. Attach Green Mail Card to mail. Only one card is needed per bundle or tub.
  3. Drop your parcels off at Campus Mail drop-off locations located around campus.  Your department should have a designated area.  Check with your supervisor.
  4. Campus Mail Carriers pick up United States First Class Mail & Campus Mail in the morning.
  5. Your Green Mail Card is scanned when we process your mail.  The Chartfield associated with the Green Mail Card will be billed.
    • Note: departments who send unsealed mail to Print & Mail will be charged $0.02 per piece to seal it.

Drop-Off Locations

Green Mail Card FAQs

Call Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or send her an email at, and provide the following information:

  1. Department Name as you would like it to appear on the card. For Example: KUED or KUED / DEVELOPMENT.
  2. The Chartfield you would like the postage billed to.
  3. The billing address.

Green Mail Cards will be delivered to the billing address as well as card reorders.

Green Card

Check the “send more cards” box on the Green Mail Card you send in with your mail, or contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or send her an email at and reference the barcode number at the top left of the card.
How to Order Green Cards

No, one card per tub or bundle is sufficient.
Packages and Green card

A Chartfield is an account number used to buy from on campus services and vendors (like a checking account for your department, except no checks – just credits and debits.)  Your supervisor will decide which of your department accounts to use for mailing charges.

These blanks are used to identify the appropriate contact person and reference a specific mail piece should we ever run into a problem or have a question about a particular mailing.  Some departments have multiple units/individuals using the same card and sending out mail the same day, which can be problematic if we don’t know who to contact to resolve a problem. Completing this information helps us identify who can answer a question and get the mail out in a timely manner.
Job and Cantact on Green Card

Yes, submit a request for as few as 3 cards to Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or email her at

Contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or and reference the barcode number at the top left of the card.

Contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or to lock the account or to update the project number.

Contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or  Please do not alter the card, as the information is tied electronically to the barcode on the card and changes must be made in the electronic system. Electronic changes are immediate and supersede the print on the card.

Contact Wendy Covert at 801-581-6171 or

  • They should ONLY be used for outgoing first class, priority, certified, media mail, and library mail.
  • NOT FEDEX or UPS.  FedEx and UPS packages require a more detailed address and contact information; therefore, they require a specialized form.
  • NOT Standard/Non Profit/Bulk mailings as they are subject to specific requirements and should not be sent with a green card. For Standard/Non Profit/Bulk mailings, please contact your Project Coordinator or call 801.581.6171.

Letter size envelopes can be machine sealed at our facility, so you can either send them sealed or unsealed; however, overstuffed letter size or large envelopes require hand sealing and should be sealed prior to sending them to our facility. If not sealed, our mail staff will seal overstuffed, letter size or large envelopes for you for a fee.

An indicia a marking on a mail piece in the postage area indicating that postage has been paid by the sender; generally used for standard/non-profit and/or zip sorted first class mail. NOT used for regular mail.

Cover the indicia with a white label, so the appropriate postage can be applied.