Send USPS First Class Mail

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To send United States Post Office First Class Mail through University Mail Services, you are going to need a Green Mail Card.

Mailing Process
  1. To get Green Mail Cards, contact us at
  2. Attach Green Mail Card to mail. Only one card is needed per bundle or tub.
  3. Drop your parcels off at Campus Mail drop-off locations located around campus. Your department should have a designated area. Check with your supervisor (or contact us).
  4. Campus Mail Carriers pick up United States First Class Mail & Campus Mail in the morning.
  5. Your Green Mail Card is scanned when we process your mail.  The Chartfield associated with the Green Mail Card will be billed.
    • Note: departments who send unsealed mail to Print & Mail will be charged $0.02 per piece to seal it.

Drop-Off Locations

Green Mail Card FAQs