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SendSuite: How to Ship Domestic Package instructions


Below are the written instructions for the "How To Ship a Domestic Package using SendSuite" video.  It might be helpful to read the script while watching the video.  Or give us a call if you have questions, 801-581-6171.

  1. Welcome to University Print and Mail Services’ FedEx SendSuite shipping program. To ship a domestic FedEx package through SendSuite, go to, and click on SendSuite. This will bring up the SendSuite login page.
  2. Enter your UNID and Password and select “Login”.
  3. To ship a package, double click on “U of U Users”. This will bring up the agreement page.
    Please note that FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.
    And note you are agreeing to not ship hazardous or dangerous items.
  4. Click “Next”.  This will bring you to the “Send To” page.
  5. Click on “Ship From”. Be sure to type in the address you want the package returned to if there is a problem.
    To change the return address, you can find saved addresses by clicking on the three dots to search your Address Book, or simply type in the address in the field below.
  6. Next, click on “Ship To” to insert the recipient’s address.
    Leave “Ship to Search” blank.
    If you are typing in a new address, type in the recipient’s name under “attention”. If applicable, type in the person’s company under “company”. You can also add an item’s RMA number in the “company” line if this package is a return.
  7. Next type in the person’s address.
    NOTE: FedEx will not ship to PO Boxes.
  8. If the address has an apartment or suite number be sure to add it after you validate the address.
  9. To validate the address, click on “Validate”.
    To confirm the address was validated, there will be a 9-digit zip code and a green check at the bottom of the screen.
    NOTE: the address will not validate on international addresses.
  10. After you’ve validated the domestic address, now is the time to add an apartment or suite number.
    NOTE: be sure to add the number BELOW the address.

    Adding the apt or suite number will unvalidate the address but that’s ok. You don’t have to validate the address again.
  11. Next, add in the recipient’s phone number. If you don’t have their phone number, type in yours.
    Leave the email section blank.
  12. If this is a residential address, click “residential address”. If you want to save this address in your address book, click on the third box.
  13. To ship to a saved address, click on the three dots and click “Open Address Book”.  To see all saved addresses click on “All Address Books” in the dropdown menu. To select an address click on the one you want and click “Select”.
  14. The next section is “Favorite and Recent Recipients”.  You can leave this section blank.
    Take note that for future shipments, you can ship a package to a recent recipient by clicking on “Recent Recipient”. The address will display in the box.
  15. Now, review the addresses. If everything looks good, click “Next”. This will take you to the “Contents” page.
  16. You don’t have to know the packages’ exact weight or dimensions. Our SendSuite team will measure and weigh your package for you when we are processing your package at our location.
  17. In order to view shipping rates in step 5, be sure to put in an estimated weight and dimension. Just note that estimated parameters will not show accurate shipping rate prices. Some kind of weight is required.
  18. Next, put in the “Content Description”.
    For domestic shipping, you can leave this section blank unless your package contains Dry Ice. If it does, then stating that in the content description is required.
  19. Leave the “Outer Packaging” and “Documents Only” section blank.
  20. If you are shipping multiple packages, click on the + sign to enter the weight and dimensions of a second package.
    There is no limit the number of packages you can ship at one time.
  21. Now, click “Next”. This will take you to the “Billing and Services” page.
  22. If your department is paying for the shipment, leave the “Bill To” drop down menu on “Prepaid”.
    If the billing is paid by the recipient, click on the dropdown menu, and choose “Bill Recipient”.
    Input the recipient’s FedEx account number given to you by the recipient. No address is required. Fedex’s account number is a 9-digit code.
    Your Chartfield is still required as a backup payment if you choose to bill the recipient.
  23. If the recipient does not have a FedEx account number, leave the “Bill To” option on “PrePaid”.
    No address is required.
  24. Most likely you will keep the “Bill To” option on “Prepaid”.  If so, enter the billing department’s “Chartfield” in the “Chargebacks” section by selecting it in the dropdown box.
    Leave the fields under cost center, company code, account code blank.
  25. In the “Additional Information” section, you can choose your delivery confirmation.
    If you would like to have someone sign for the package upon delivery, click on the dropdown box under “delivery confirmation” and click “signature required”.
    If a signature is not required, leave this section blank or select “No Signature”.
  26. If you have any special instructions for the University Print & Mail’s SendSuite team to see when they are processing your package, be sure to let us know under “shipping notes”.
    Shipping notes can include special instructions regarding package delivery dates, package contents and more.
    For example, if the package contains dry ice and you need it overnighted before the contents expire. Let us know here.
    This section will only be seen by University Print & Mail employees, and not by FedEx.
    If you don’t have special instructions, leave this section blank.
  27. Click “Next”. This will take you to the “Process Mail” page.
  28. If you are a seasoned shipper and already know exactly what shipping carrier and service you want, select Option 2.
    This will bring you to the “Carrier and Service” page. Here you can select FedEx.
    Choose the service you want, and the type of package you are shipping and select “Next”.
    Click Option 1 to see delivery times and prices in a calendar format.
  29. The prices are based off the package’s weight and dimensions inputted in the “Contents” section.
  30. To make any changes to the package’s dimensions, click on the “Contents” tab above. 
    DO NOT select the “Previous” button below.
    Doing so will delete all saved changes.
  31. On the “Contents” page, update any weights or dimensions. Changes will automatically save.
  32. To go back to the shipment calendar, click on the “Process Mail” tab above.
    DO NOT click the “Previous”, or “Next” button below.
  33. The smart shop calendar shows different delivery dates and prices. Some dates and times will only show one carrier’s rates.
    To see both carrier’s prices click on the “1 more rate” option below the bolded price. This will show you more delivery rates to the right.
    Here you can select the rate and carrier that works best for you.
  34. The calendar will also show you the fastest, or cheapest delivery option.
    The fastest delivery time and price will most likely be under the first date provided on the calendar.
    The cheapest delivery option will most likely show a delivery date for later in the week.
  35. Choose the delivery rate you want and select “Next”.
  36. This will take you to the “Confirmation” page. Here you will see your shipment summary.
    Verify the addresses are correct.
  37. To make changes to your order, ONLY click on the tabs above. DO NOT click on the “Previous” button below. This will delete all your saved changes.
    To make changes to the shipping address for example, click on the “Send To” Tab.
    All changes will automatically save.
    Once changes have been made, click on the “confirmation” tab above.
  38. If everything looks right click “Next.”
  39. This brings up your “Ship Request form”.
    If the form does not show on your screen, make sure to enable pop-ups and choose “always allow”.
    If the form pops up, click “Print”
    Add printed page to your package by either tape or put it in a pouch.
    Note: The “Ship Request Form” is NOT a FedEx shipping label. Our SendSuite staff will use this form to print out the shipping label when we process your package.
    You are able to print as many ship requests as desired. You will only be charged for the package that comes down to Print & Mail for processing.
    Again, your “Ship Request Form” is not a shipment label and your package will be lost if sent anywhere other than University Print and Mail Services.
  41. When the form is attached to your package, drop the package off at any SendSuite drop-off location located around campus or give us a call at 801-581-6171 for a special pickup.
  42. If you forgot to print the Ship Request Form or the popup blocker blocked the form from showing on your screen, first enable popup blocker and then go to the “Send To” tab by clicking “Next” on the home screen.
  43. Under “Favorites and Recipients”, go to the “Recall Existing Requisition” section.
    If this is your first order click on “reprint requisition” to reprint the form.
  44. If you have shipped before, click on the 3 dots. The most recent shipment is on the top of the list.
    Select your latest shipment and click “Select”, then click “Reprint Requisition”.
    NOTE the actual box will remain blank. 
    If you click “Reprint Requisition”, it will bring up the pdf print page.
  45. And That’s it. If you have any questions please contact our SendSuite team at 801-581-6171.