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Waterproof vinyl stickers are now available at University Print & Mail Services! We offer both full-color vinyl and cut vinyl stickers. Purchase a 12-pack for only $10.00 on UPrint, or print your own design. Click here for instructions on how to order custom stickers.

Learn more about these waterproof stickers in the FAQ section below.


1. About vinyl stickers:

Vinyl stickers are an easy way to promote your department or event. Printed on thick, durable vinyl, they’re waterproof, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe. You can put them almost anywhere like on glass, plastic, metal, or even on the floor.

We offer two types of waterproof vinyl stickers: full-color vinyl and cut vinyl.


Full-color vinyl stickers can be printed with any color and in any shape. Seriously, any design you create within certain size parameters, we can turn into a waterproof vinyl sticker.

Cut vinyl stickers are words, logos, or phrases where each letter is cut out individually. One color of vinyl is used.

Cut vinyl is a good option for door signage showing office hours, a car window sticker, or you can use them to personalize a gift with someone’s name.

3. What size can I get my full-color vinyl and cut vinyl stickers?

When designing a full-color vinyl sticker, we recommend staying within a minimum of 3”x3”. We can print large stickers too, just contact your Project Coordinator.

When designing a cut vinyl sticker, we recommend the letters staying within a minimum of 3” in length and height.

4. How are cut vinyl stickers made?

Watch this video to see how Print & Mail Services makes custom cut vinyl stickers.

How It's Made: Cut Vinyl Stickers

5. What color vinyl is available?

Full-color vinyl stickers are printed on matte white vinyl.

For cut vinyl stickers, we have vinyl rolls in:

  • Gloss: red, gray, white, black
  • Matte: red
  • Frosted glass - which is semi-opaque and includes silver glitter

Need another color? Email your Project Coordinator or to explore options.


6. How do i install vinyl stickers (full-color vinyl or cut vinyl)?

You have two options:

Option 1: Print & Mail Services can help with the installation. Contact your Project Coordinator for pricing and information.

Option 2: Install it yourself (instructions below):

  1. Choose a smooth surface to place your sticker.
  2. Thoroughly clean the application surface. Wait for it to completely dry before applying the sticker.
  3. Slowly peel the backing away from the sticker and place the vinyl sticker’s sticky side to the desired location. Be careful, you only have one shot at this.
  4. Use your hand to press the decal down and smooth it out on the surface slowly from one end to the other to prevent bubbles and rippling.
  5. Take a straight edge, like a credit card, and run it along the top layer of the sticker to better adhere the sticker to the surface.
  6. Slowly peel back the top layer.
    • If you see pieces that want to come up, lay the top layer back down and use your straight edge tool to press any corner pieces down.
    • If you see lingering air bubbles, place the top layer back over the sticker and use your straight edge to press out any minor air bubbles.
    • Never apply your straight edge tool directly on the sticker to avoid wrinkling or scratching the vinyl.

7. How do I order custom vinyl stickers?

If you have artwork you want made into a sticker, call us at 801-581-6171 to speak with a Project Coordinator. They'll ask for your artwork file and work with you to get it printed.

If you don't have artwork but would like a custom design made, speak with your Project Coordinator. They can coordinate with our designers to help you create and print a custom design.