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UPrint: Upload Your Own Design

UPrint: How to Upload Your Own Design

You can now upload your own designs on UPrint.


  1. Go to and click “My Account” to log in.
  2. Next click on "Home" and select “shop now” underneath either University of Utah, or U of U Health.
  3. This will take you to the catalog. Scroll down and click on the “Upload you own” tile.
  4. Next select what type of job you want to print. For example, I know that I want to upload a postcard that uses color, so I’ll select “Color Jobs”.
  5. This page shows common documents. If you don’t see the document you need, click on “Common Sizes”.
  6. Select the size of your document. I want to print a 6 x 4 postcard, so I’ll select 6 x 4. 
  7. Next, upload your design by clicking and dragging your pdf document to the “Upload” button. 
  8. The button will change to say “Drag Files Here”
  9. A window will pop up showing where you want the document cut after printing.
  10. If the placement is good, click save.
  11. The image on your screen is my postcard’s proof. This postcard has 2 sides, front and back. 
  12. To see the back of the card, click on 2. 
  13. If everything looks good, click “Proceed to Order” and “Approve”
  14. Next type in the order quantity. I will order 200 cards. 
  15. Next select the paper option you want this printed on. I’ll select “HS Sterling, Premium Gloss Cover 100# White 13x19” paper.
  16. Next select what inks are needed for the front and back images.
  17. Since this card has color on the front, I’ll keep the front inks as “Full Color”.
  18. The image on the back of the card is only black and white, so I will change the back inks to “Black Only”.
  19. Next select what type of proof you want. As you remember, the image shown on your screen before approving the card was considered your proof, but you can request a PDF proof, or a physical proof by selecting a “Digital Press Proof”. If you select this proof, your job will not be printed until you approve the physical document. 
  20. The document’s final price will show on your screen. 
  21. Next, click "Add to Cart". 
  22. The job has been added to your Cart. 
  23. In the “Memo” line, type in the name of the job. I’ll type in ‘6x4 Postcards’. 
  24. Next click “Proceed to Checkout” and checkout like normal—select the delivery address, choose the production turnaround time and delivery method, select your payment method by either inputting a chartfield, or enter your phone number to pay over the phone. 
  25. Enter your project name. I’ll type in 6x4 postcard, and click “Continue”. 
  26. This will bring you to the review page. If you have special instructions, type them in the special instructions box. 
  27. Please note that special instructions that affect the document’s design or require you to approve a new proof will postpone your delivery delivery date.
  28. If everything looks good, click “Place Your Order”
  29. You'll receive an email confirmation that your order is placed.


FOR QUESTIONS, CALL 801-581-6171