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UPrint: How to View Invoices

UPrint: How to View Invoices

To be more sustainable, University Print & Mail Services is no longer sending paper invoices. This video will show you how to view invoices online. It’s super easy.

When your order is being delivered, you’ll receive an automatic email notification with your invoice attached. 

Since we don’t apply payment until after your order has been delivered, the invoice on the email notification will not show as “paid in full” until about 48 business hours after the order has been delivered. 

To view invoices, including those that are marked “paid in full” on closed jobs, follow these steps:

  1. First go to and click on My Account 
  2. It will ask you to log in
  3. Next click on “view orders”
  4. Scroll to the job who’s invoice you want to view
  5. Here you can see the job’s status. If the job status says “closed” the invoice will show as “Paid in Full”. 
  6. To view this closed ticket’s invoice, click on the job’s order number
  7. Under “Order Information” click on “Order Invoice” to download the invoice. 
  8. Click on the download at the bottom of your screen to view your invoice. Jobs  that are paid in full will have a “PAID IN FULL” stamp on the invoice. 
  9. From here you can download and save your invoice. 
  10. To see what chartfield has been used for a closed invoice, go back to the order number page and look under the “Chartfield” section. Here you can see the account number.


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