UPrint: How To Submit an Order

UPRINT: HOW TO Submit AN Order

Submitting an order through UPrint is easy. Let’s place a University of Utah Health approved business card order as an example.

  1. To order products from University Print & Mail Services
    • go to printing.utah.edu
    • click on “UPrint Log In” in the menu, and select “Staff Log In”
  2. This will bring you to the UPrint storefront.
  3. Log in to UPrint.
    • It’s important to know you won’t be able to checkout without logging in.
  4. To place an order, search for the product you want, or select it from the categories below.
  5. Since we are ordering business cards in this example, select the business card applicable to your department and select “Buy Now”.
  6. This will take you to the production page.
  7. First, type in the “Job Name”.
    • The job name is the first and last name of the person shown on the business card.
  8. Next select the quantity of cards you want. If the card is double sided, it will show a “2” next to pages. To see a preview of the card, select “Split Window”.
  9. Next type in the information of the card holder.
  10. Be sure to type in the cardholder’s department. This is very important.
  11. If you have any special instructions for the design team, click on “Special Instructions”. You will get a PDF proof of your business card with changes made from your special instructions, sent to your email within 24 business hours. If you don’t have special instructions, leave this section blank.
  12. To see changes made to the card, select “Update Preview”.
  13. This will take you to the preview page.
  14. Note that the information shown on the screen is considered your final proof if you don’t have special instructions. Be sure to carefully review that the information on the card is correct.
    • Click “PDF Proof” to download a digital copy of the card.
  15. If everything looks good click “Add to Cart”.
  16. If you have carefully reviewed the job, click “I Agree”.
  17. The job has now been added to your cart. Note, this does not mean the item has been ordered.
  18. If you are finished shopping, to checkout, click on the cart icon above. This will take you to your shopping cart.
  19. To make changes to your order, click on the underlined job name.
  20. If you are finished ordering, click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  21. Next select your payment and shipment option. To pick up at Print & Mail’s office, select “Customer Pick-up”.
  22. To have your item delivered to your office, click “Campus Delivery” and type in the recipient’s name and address.
    • Be sure to type in the full address and delivery room.
  23. Type in the delivery address’ department name and any special delivery instructions in the “Delivery Instructions” section.
    • Adding the department name in this section will make billing and delivery easier for our staff to process.
  24. Click Save.
  25. Next, click on “Proceed to Payment”.
  26.  To pay at store when you pick up your order, select “Pay at Store”
  27. Or click on “Chartfield” to pay using a chartfield account.
    • Be sure to type in the chartfield number in the field below.
  28. Next click “Place My Order”, this will bring up the Order Confirmation page with your order’s confirmation number and due date.
    • Your 5-digit confirmation number will be emailed to you. If you don’t see it, be sure to check your spam folder. If you don’t have the confirmation email, your order has not been submitted.
  29. And that's it.
Give us a call if you have questions, at 801-581-6171.