uprint: How to Order


  1. To order on UPrint, go to  uprint.utah.edu. This will bring you to the UPrint homepage 
  2. If you do not have a new UPrint account, click on “Register” under either the University of Utah , or U of U health logos, or call us and we can set you up right away. You will not be able to checkout without an account
  3. If you do have an account, click “My Account” to login
  4. Next, click on “Home” 
  5. If you want to order products that are specific to your department, you can see them under your department name in the side menu
  6. Let’s order University of Utah Business cards as an example
  7. To order Business cards, click on “Business Cards” under “Campus”  
  8. Or select “Business Cards” in the side menu
  9. Select the design you want to purchase and begin personalizing it
  10. The image shown on the screen is considered your proof
  11. To see changes to the design, click “Update Image” 
  12. If you do not want sections added to your card, you can delete the copy and click update image to see the change 
  13. You can also add more items like multiple phone numbers to the card. To see the change click “Update Image”
  14. If the design has 2 pages, BE SURE TO UPDATE THE IMAGE on page 1 BEFORE clicking on page 2 to avoid deleting your entries
  15. To view the second page, click on “Page 2” or the “next” button
  16. This card gives you the option to select an image to print on the back 
  17. To change the image, click on “Click to Pick an Image” and select the image you want. This will automatically update the proof
  18. Now click “Review & Approve” at the bottom or click “Next” to approve the order
  19. Make sure all pages of the document are correct, and input your initials below
  20. If you want to add unavailable elements to the card, you can put a note in the special instructions section when checking out. We’ll show you where to do this later on in this video,  but for now type in your initials in the box below and click “Next”
  21. Next, select the quantity you would like printed. To see the updated price click “Update Price” 
  22. If there are multiple paper options for the job, there will be a dropdown menu next to “Paper”. This business card only has one paper option, so there is no dropdown menu
  23. Next is the proof section. For business cards, the proof is shown on the screen before you approve the card, so leave it on “PDF” or “No Proof Needed”
  24. If you need to make changes to your card, click “Customize or Review Design”
  25. If you would like to proceed to checkout, click “Add to Cart”
  26. This will bring you to your cart. If you have items in your cart that you do not want to purchase, click “remove Item”
  27. In the memo section type in the first and last name of the card holder
  28. If you are ready to checkout, click “Proceed to Checkout”
  29. If you are not logged in, it will ask you to log in
  30. The next page is the “Delivery Address Options” page
  31. Select the address you want it delivered to or enter a new delivery address by scrolling down and typing in a new address under “Enter A New Delivery Address”
  32. If you’d rather pick it up at our location, still select a delivery address, and you can request an in-store pickup on the next page 
  33. This will bring you to the "Delivery" page
  34. Choose your production turnaround time and your delivery method, If you want to pick it up in store, select “Customer Pickup”
  35. Click "Continue" to proceed to payment
  36. If you are paying with a Chartfield account, click on the + sign next to Chartfield and fill in the account information  
  37. If you want to pay over the phone, type in your phone number in the next section. You can also put your chartfield here too if it’s easier
  38. Note that payment is billed after your job is complete
  39. The “Project Name” section is meant to be a reference for you. If you are ordering a business card, we suggest you type in the business card holder’s name
  40. Click “Continue” to review your order
  41. If you have special instructions, type them in the “Special Instructions” box. Your project coordinator will send you a new proof with your changes. Please note that any suggested changes will push back your delivery date
  42. Next click “Place Your Order” and your confirmation number will be emailed to you
  43. You can also view your order on your account. To do so, click on “My Account” in the menu above, and then, “View Orders”
  44. Here you can see your current and past orders  
  45. For questions about your order, or for help navigating UPrint, please contact your project coordinator or call us at 801-581-6171


FOR QUESTIONS, CALL 801-581-6171