UPrint: How to input a Chartfield

UPrint: How to Input a Chartfield


Here’s how to input your chartfield account number into UPrint. You’ll be asked to do this on the “payment page” when you are checking out. 

  1. On the payment page, click on the + sign next to “Chartfield” and fill in the account information.  
  2. If you are new to using a chartfield or unsure of what value is included with your chartfield, look at this format guide as a reference.
  3. The BU, Organization ID, fund, activity, project, and account numbers go in the adjacent boxes. All fields must be filled. If your chartfield doesn’t utilize a field, like “Projects” for example, type in n/a in the “projects” box.
  4. Next type in the percentage of the bill you would like this chartfield to pay for. You can pay with one or multiple chartfields.
  5. If you want the chartfield to pay 100% of the balance, type in 100 in the box next to percentage and click “save”.
  6. If you want to split your invoice equally between 2 chartfields, type the number  “50” in the box next to percentage and click save.
  7. Then click on the + sign next to “chartfield” and fill in the 2nd chartfield information, also typing “50” in the box next to percentage. 
  8. Once you’ve input your chartfield, click on “continue” under “Order Summary” to continue checking out. 
  9. Your chartfield will not be billed until your job is complete.
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