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UPrint: How to Approve PDF Proofs



  1. This video will show you how to approve a PDF proof on UPrint.
  2. If you asked for a pdf proof when checking out, or if you ordered an item that had special instructions, you will need to approve a pdf proof before the order can be printed. 
  3. For this video, let’s use business cards that include special instructions as an example. 
  4. If you didn’t know, special instructions can be added on the “Review” page before placing your order. It allows you to request changes to the card’s design or add additional copy not available on the original template. 
  5. Normally, the proof shown on the screen when personalizing your BSCDs is considered your final proof, unless you have special instructions.
  6. If you have special instructions, you will get a pdf proof emailed to you within 24 business hours, once the changes have been made to your order.
  7. You will need to approve the pdf proof before your item can be sent to print. 
  8. For this training video, I ordered 2 business cards and asked that the cards include the card holder's LinkedIn accounts.
  1. Within 24 business hours, my project coordinator emailed me letting me know my pdf proof was ready to approve. The email includes the link to the proof.
  2. To approve the pdf proof, click on the link shown in bullet #1 on the email.
  3. This will bring you to the “Order Status” page.
  4. To see the proof, you will need to “Login”.
  5. Scroll down to the item’s description and click on the item’s picture icon. This PDF is considered your proof.
  6. Since I ordered 2 cards, I will click on the picture icon under each card to review each proof. 
  7. You can also click on “PDF Proof” to download the pdf to review, or send it to others to review. 
  8. If you want to make changes to a card, or would like to cancel the order, click on the small box in the left hand corner next to 1 and click on “Reject Selected Item” button.
  9. If you do not see this button, make sure you are logged in.
  10. Here you will need to request your additional changes, or type in your reason for cancelling the item. Then click “Reject”.
  11. If you don’t want to cancel or make changes to the proof, click on “Cancel”. 
  12. If the proofs are correct, make sure the small box in the corner is selected. 
  13. Since I have 2 cards, I will click on the boxes next to 1 and 2, and then “Approve Selected Item”
  14. That’s it! Your PDF proofs have been approved and your order is ready to print.
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