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Staff Training – Shipping Packages Domestically with FedEx Ship Manager


  • For FedEx Ship Manager, we use the University of Utah FedEx Shipping Form to process packages.
  • This form should include the following information
    • Senders address information and phone number
    • Recipients address information
    • Shipping service (Priority, Standard, 2nd day, Ground etc.)
    • Department chartfield for billing purposes
  • If we are missing vital information on the package, we must contact the customer to get the information from them. This could include the following:
    • If no shipping service is selected (if we are unable to contact the customer, we will default to International Priority if it includes dry ice so that samples do not expire inside of the shipment.
    • If it is a larger package going inside of Utah, we will default to FedEx Ground due to 1-day shipping inside of Utah (excluding some rural areas) and this is significantly cheaper for larger packages.
    • If there is no Chartfield selected so we are unable to bill the shipment to the department we will wait to hear back from the customer.

Selecting the Sender

  • When processing inside of FedEx Ship Manager, the first step is to review all this information to make sure it is correct.
  • The next step will be changing or adding the correct sender for the shipment.
    • This can be seen on number 2. From: portion of the form.
    • Click on the current name of the sender and type the first letter of the customers first name and then add a space and type their last name. If the sender is a department, you can type the full department name of the sender.

  • Check to make sure the address on the shipping form matches the address in ship manager including their suite number because it can change frequently. This is very important because this is where the package will be returned to if there are any problems with the shipment. We need to make sure that the address is a up to date as possible meaning frequently double checking the address on the form and the address inside of FedEx Ship Manager.

Adding a Sender

  • If there is no sender in our database, we will add them to the directory inside of Ship Manager.
    • On the top left of FedEx Ship Manager, you will see a tab that says “Databases” click on Databases and it will bring up a drop-down menu.
    • Click on Sender and then at the bottom of this pop-up window you will see “Add” click on this and it will bring up a blank information box.
    • Sender ID is what we will type in to add the sender later. Follow the same steps by adding the first letter of the senders first name, put a space and then the last name.
    • For example, S CARR is what would be typed in for myself.
    • Under contact name, you will add the full name of the sender, so Stephen Carr for example.
    • The rest of the information you will fill out as you see it on your form. Include all the information the customer provides including suite numbers or any detailed descriptions.
      • It is important to note that in Ship Manager, we are not able to change the postal code.
      • The following information should always remain the same for every sender.
      • City: Salt Lake City, State: UT-Utah, Zip: 84112.
      • Here is an example of how the sender information should appear

  • Left click on Databases and there will be drop down menu. Go to Sender and left click it.
  • After clicking sender, go down to the bottom of the pop-up menu and select add. After left clicking add, this screen will pop up.

Adding the Recipient Address Information

  • This portion is where we will fill out the recipients address information to the shipment.
  • On your FedEx shipping form, this should be listed as (1. To:_______)
  • This is where you will copy all the address information the customer wrote on the shipping form.
  • This portion is self-explanatory, you will copy the information from the shipping form to ship manager.
    • It is worth noting that often times the customer will write the recipient’s name under the company line instead of the To: I would recommend making the good habit of always putting the name of the recipient in the first box and moving the company name down to the box listed as Company:
  • Here is an example of what a finished address should look like.

  • You will notice the check mark bellow State/Province: This checkmark is for address validation. This will be able to know the difference of residential vs business addresses. If you validate the address, often it will take a zip code from 5 digits to 9 digits which ensures a more accurate address.
    • Sometimes the address validation will cut off room or suite numbers so be aware of this and double check that it is still there.
    • Address validation is not required but sometimes you will get a FedEx shipping form that has bad handwriting that is tough to read. I would strongly recommend using it in these situations.
    • Validating the address is also important if you are not very familiar with out of state zip codes because it will be able to recognize if the zip code doesn’t match the city or state.

Multi-piece Shipments

  • If you are shipping multiple packages going to the same address, verify how many shipments you are sending and type the number of packages in the first box.
  • If they are identical packages, this would mean same weight, same items, and same dimensions. If all your boxes match this description, check the box to the right of Number of Packages that says “Identical Packages”
    • When shipping multiple identical packages, it will print out multiple labels once you finish processing the shipment with the first label having the master tracking number that will pull up the tracking for the whole group of packages shipped. The other boxes will show their own tracking number and the master tracking below it.
  • If the packages are not identical, place the first package on the scale and record the weight or wait for ship manager to enter in the weight of the package.
  • Select the shipping service the customer checked the box of and hit (tab) or use your mouse to go down to package type.
    • You will use customer packaging unless the item is in a FedEx supplied box or envelope.
    • It is important to add this if the customer packaged it in FedEx supplies because it will often provide a good discount on shipping costs.
    • If the package is being shipped via FedEx Ground, you are unable to select any packaging type. Technically, FedEx does not allow FedEx Ground shipments to be in FedEx boxes, but our drivers always take them, and it is a good way for us to save money by utilizing FedEx supplies.

Package and Shipment Details, and Special Services

  • Many of the same steps will be followed for single piece shipments it just removes steps.
  • Select the FedEx shipping service the customer requested.
  • Choose the packaging type, select your packaging if it was not packaged with FedEx supplies (FedEx medium box, FedEx envelope etc.)
  • On the right side of Package and shipment details, you will see Shortcuts. This is where we can add dry ice and enter the dry ice weight on the shipment.
    • Check the dry ice box and a pop-up window will come up asking for the dry ice weight.
    • Often, the dry ice label will already be on the package listing how much dry ice is packaged. A package could have the UN1845 dry ice sticker and could list 2.2 KG of dry ice. 2lbs. = 1 kg of dry ice so I would list this specific package as 4.4 lbs. of dry ice.
    • If the package is 5 lbs. but the dry ice weight is listed as 5.5 lbs. you will receive an error telling you the dry ice weight cannot exceed the totally weight of the shipment. This seems redundant but quite frequently customers will list the dry ice weight as more of an estimate rather than as an exact, so it is our job to double check these things to make sure they are accurate.


Billing Details

  • Once you have added the weight, service type and packaging type you will move on to billing details.
  • The first information you will need to input is Bill Transportation to:
    • If the customer doesn’t select Bill recipient/3rd Party:____________ and the FedEx Acct #: is blank then we know they are wanting to bill this to their chartfield so we will select 1-Sender as the person the billing will be charged to.
      • To add the customers chartfield. Go to customer reference and you will type in the chartfield adding a period (.) for any time there is no number in that field.
      • Lets say the chartfield is 01_00372_2104_05954_ _40574_ _we would type this example as follows: 0100372210405954.40574.
      • On our U of U FedEx forms, it will also list how many digits should be in a specific field. If the number is in the wrong place, correct it so you can have the chartfield inputted correctly.

  • If they do have 3rd party billing selected, we will select 2 – Recipient for this section and enter the FedEx account number that the customer wrote down.
    • It is important to note that a FedEx account number should be 9 digits long. If it is not 9 digits, the account number is invalid, and we need to contact the customer to let them know or ask if they have a chartfield they would like to bill it to instead.
    • Also look out for the account number 1119-6040-2 being used as the recipient FedEx account because this is our FedEx account number and we require a chartfield so that we know which department to bill the shipping costs to.
  • In department notes, you will type in the 5 digit number that is on the top right of the FedEx Shipping Form, hit tab or click to the box next to it and it will have you retype the reference number. Make sure that both numbers are the same as your reference number on the FedEx Shipping Form and click OK.
  • Now if the customer selected the shipment to be billed to their chartfield you will type in the department Chartfield under Customer reference, adding a (.) anywhere there is not a corresponding number for that Chartfield.
  • For instance, our Chartfield is 01 00372 2104 05954 . 40574 .
    • The shipping form will also show how many digits should be in each box, sometimes the customer will place the wrong number of digits in the wrong fields and we must double check and correct this when it occurs.
  • Once you have entered the chartfield, review all the information to make sure all required fields are completed and all special services are added.
  • After you have verified that all the information is present and correct, press F10 to print out your shipping label. Peel the label off and place the shipping label on top of the package.