How to Order Holiday Cards

UPRINT: HOW TO order holiday cards

  1. To order Holiday Cards on UPrint, first log in to UPrint.
    • This is the only way to see all the Holiday Card options.
  2. Next, in the side menu, click on “Holiday Cards”
    • There are a few card options:
      • some that are blank on the inside
      • some are a white ink design
      • some are branded with University Health and Hunstman Cancer Institute logos
      • and some are customizable
  3. If you are ordering cards that are blank on the inside, click on the “Holiday Card Blanks” category.
  4. Scroll to find the card you like.
    • Take note that the card description is below the card’s image.
  5. Select the quantity you want printed, and then click “Buy Now”.
    • The cards will automatically be added to your cart.
  6. To create a card that you can customize the inside, click on “Customizable Holiday Cards”.
  7. Scroll to find the card you like and select “Buy Now”.
    • This will take you to the card editor.
  8. Next, type in your department under Job Name and select the Quantity you want printed.
    • The price will show at the bottom.
    • And note, all holiday cards come with envelopes.
  9. Next, customize the card.
  10. The preview of the card is on your right.
    • The bottom image is the front and back of the card.
    • The top image is the inside of the card.
    • Some parts of the card might not be customizable, such as the front and back image, and in this case the “Happy Holidays to U” printed on the inside.
  11. To customize the card, double click on the text that says “Enter your text here.”
    • This will allow you to type in a message, change your font, colors, move text around, and even upload your department’s logos and artwork.
  12. To change the text, click on the “T” symbol and type in the message you want.
    • You can change the text’s alignment, size and color.
    • Some customizable cards even let you change the font.
  13. If you are happy with your message, select “OK” which will update a preview of the card.
  14. If you want to make a change, click on the “T” symbol.
  15. To move the text box around, double click on the text, and drag the box up or down.
  16. To add an image or logo, click on the picture icon in the toolbar above and click “Upload Images”.
  17. Search your computer to find the image you want and click “Open”.
  18. Next select the uploaded image and click “OK”.
  19. Click and drag the image to the desired location.
  20. To resize the image, click on the plus or minus buttons to make it bigger or smaller.
    • Note: Be sure to keep the image in the center of the image box.  Moving it out of the box will make it disappear.
    • To re-adjust the image’s placement, double click on the image and click on the space outside the grey circle and drag the box to the desired location.
  21. To add a new text box, click on the “T” logo in the toolbar and click and drag it to the desired location.
  22. To delete any customizable card elements, click on the trash icon.
  23. If everything looks good, click “Add to Cart” and “Ok”.
  24. This will take you to the preview page.
    • Note that the card preview shown on your screen is considered your final proof unless otherwise specified in the Special Instruction section.
  25. If everything looks good, click “Add to Cart”, and “I Agree”. The job has been added to your cart. If you are ready to checkout, click on the cart icon above.
  26. To remove items from your cart, click on the “remove” button.
  27. To make changes to an order, click on the “Job Name”.
  28. To continue shopping, click on “Continued Shopping”.
  29. If you are ready to checkout, click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  30. Verify that the shipping address is correct and click “Proceed to Payment.”
  31. Next, select your payment method and click “Place my Order”


For further assistance, please contact your project coordinator, or call 801-581-6171