How to Order 2020 Graduation Announcements


  1. To order your graduation announcements through UPrint, go to
    • click “UPrint”
    • Select “Students”.
  2. Click “Login” to login to your UPrint account.
  3. Type in your UN and PW and select “Login”.
    • If you do not have an account, click “Register”.
  4. To see all Graduation Announcements, click “Category” and then “Graduation Announcements
  5. This video was made in 2019, but don't worry, your 2020 announcements are ready to personalize and order.
  6. When you find the announcement style you like, click “Browse.
    • Select the option you like and click “Buy Now”.  This will take you to the order page.
  7. If the announcement is a folded card, the view will show the front and back.
    • To see the inside panels, scroll down.
  8. In “Job Title” be sure to put the student’s First and Last Name.
  9. Next, select how many cards you would like printed.
  10. Next, Type in the name of the graduating student. Your edits will be shown on the card.
  11. Next, enter the student’s degree.
    • Take note that any spelling error warnings will only show when typing in text box.  If you leave the box, the spelling error warning will disappear.
  12. In the next box, type in student’s degree emphasis.
    • If the student has another degree or a minor, type it in below.  If not, leave it blank.
  13. Next, choose your college or school.  The school’s commencement time will auto-populate.
  14. If you do not want to include the General Commencement time, Select “No”.
  15. To upload a picture, click on the gray picture box and click the picture icon that says “edit”.
    • Click “Upload images” and select the picture from your computer and click “Open”.
    • To add your picture to the card, click on the uploaded image.
  16. To adjust the picture, click on the picture.
    • If the gray circle is in the middle of the picture, you can zoom in or out by using the arrow below.
  17. If everything looks good, select “Add to Cart”. This will bring up the proof page.
  18. Next, select the paper you want them printed on.
    • Beargrass has a little shimmer flakes in the paper.
    • Environment is thick card stock on recycled paper.
    • Felt Cover is on textured paper.
    • Gloss cover has a shiny finish.
  19. And select “Fit content to paper” and press “ok”.
  20. If you want to add any changes to the card such as information for a graduation party, click on “Special instructions”.
    • Here you can type in any information you would like added or changed. Then click “ok”.  Note that the changes will not be shown on the card.
    • Our Print and Mail staff will email you a new proof with your suggested changes within 48hours.
    • If you do not want any special instructions leave that section blank.
  21. Look over card and make sure everything looks ok.  This is considered your final proof if you don’t have special instructions.
    • You can see the purchase cost at the bottom corner.
    • If you are satisfied with your order, click “Add to Cart” and “I Agree” that you have reviewed your order.
  22. The item is now in your cart.  Note, this does not mean your cards are ordered. 
    • To update your card click on the job title.
    • To finish ordering, click “Proceed to Checkout”. This will bring you to the checkout page.
  23. Under shipment, select “Campus Store Pickup” to pick up your order for free within 5 days of ordering your final proof.
    • Or select UPrint shipping to have the cards shipped to you for a small fee.
    • If you want to add another address, select “Add Another Recipient”.
  24. Click “Proceed to Payment”.   Note: You cannot pay online.
    • There are 2 payment methods,
      • select “Pay At Store” to pay at the Campus Store when picking up your order.
      • Or if your order is being shipped to you, be sure to select the pay by phone option.
  25. If you are paying over the phone, type in the purchaser’s name and phone number.
  26. Then click on “Place My Order.” This will bring you to the order confirmation page.
    • If you see an Order Number, your order has been placed.
  27. An email will also be sent to your inbox with the confirmation page stating order number, and order due date.

Congrats graduates. You did it!

Give us a call if you have questions, at 801-581-6171.