Grad Gift Boxes

Let us help you celebrate your students’ achievements! Mailed Grad Gift Boxes from departments are a great way to surprise and honor your graduates.


A good way to start is by designing your box around a theme. This will help you decide what to include in the box.

Below are some suggestions for themed gift boxes, but you can customize yours however you want. You can also add your own items that you purchased separately, like confetti, party blowers—or even toothbrushes!

PRO TIP: We can personalize boxes by adding your students’ names. Contact your Project Coordinator to learn more.


This gift box is full of items graduates might need for a job interview. It includes a:

  • Business card holder
  • Thumb drive
  • Breath mints
  • Personalized note from your college

Item Prices: view here

Box Size: 9" x 4" x 2"

Letter suggestion: optional paper stock for the letter is Digital Press 70# White Uncoated Text (often used for resumes). 

Other gift ideas: you could include a “Class of 2021” face mask or a confetti popper as a fun extra bonus. 

Camping THEME 

Since a destination graduation trip might be out of the question right now due to travel restrictions, a camping-themed box provides supplies for a fun trip to Utah’s beautiful wilderness. This box includes a:

  • Drink koozie
  • Book light
  • Clif Bar you can put your own logo or design on
  • Personalized note from your college

Item Prices: view here

Box Size: 6" x 5" x 3"

Letter suggestion: consider giving your graduates a message on a 6” x 4” postcard instead of on standard letterhead—this way you can use a smaller box, and eliminate the cost of folding a full-sized letter to fit inside the box. Suggested paper stock for the letter:

  • 100# White Felt Cover (textured for a natural feel, and sturdy enough for a postcard) 
  • Specialty 80# Royal Sundance Birch Text, Cover (speckled with plant fragments for a natural look)

Other gift ideas: you could include a poncho to keep them dry in inclement weather or a pocket LED flashlight.


  • Cruise/travel
  • Pet
  • Home office/kitchen/bath
  • Automotive
  • Hiking
  • Cocktail drink
  • Department-specific
    For example: the School of Medicine could use medical-themed promo items, like a brain-shaped stress ball or syringe pen


Smaller, simpler mailers can be another great way to celebrate your graduates. In this example, we have an envelope stuffed with a:

  • Personalized letter
  • Magnetic frame that students can use to put a picture on their fridge.

Envelope Size: 9" x 12"

About magnetic frame: the removable inner piece of the frame can then be used as a separate magnet. This magnetic frame is designed by Print & Mail. We can print this design, or help you create a custom magnetic frame. The size of the outer frame is 7.325” x 5” and the inner piece is 6” x 3.75”.

Letter suggestion: optional paper option for the letter is Beargrass (it shimmers in the light). 


Here are a couple images of gift boxes that departments created last year: 


Promotional items can take up to five weeks to receive. All the prices for the promo items listed on this page can be viewed here. To order, please contact Roger King at 801-581-3947 or email



Did you know that Print & Mail can help you: 

  • Find promo items
  • Find a box that will fit them
  • Stuff the boxes with the items
  • Label the boxes
  • Mail them for you 

Print & Mail is proud to offer our Multiple Package Shipment Service, which can help save time waiting in line at the post office and save money on shipping fees. 

Please contact your Project Coordinator, email or call us at 801-581-6171 to learn more about this service.