Social Media

Why #Hashtag?

The short answer for using a hashtag is for others to be able to find your content. Without using hashtags, it is much more difficult to be found. Let’s say you open a restaurant in an area that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. How would you spread the word? Without advertising, it would be […]

Photography 101

Most people these days have cell phones with cameras that take decent pictures. Common questions people ask are: How do we utilize our cell phones to take something worth keeping? Do I need a DSLR to take a good picture? Bottom line, you can take great pictures with your cell phone. Here are a few […]

3 Tips to Supercharge Your Outreach Efforts

Do you have trouble getting customers to understand important information about your services? Try these three things to boost your communication: 1. Host a Zoom Training or Webinar Webinars educate people in a visual and audible format. This helps those who struggle to process and understand written material. Attendees can also ask questions from experts […]

Increase Your Performance on Social Media

You might think, “Hey, children and teenagers use social media, so it must be easy.” But for marketers, using social media as a business tool can be tricky. With other departments and algorithms to compete with, it’s no surprise to feel a little lost. This article is literally full of tips to help your department […]

Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Department

With so many social media channels out there, we’re often asked which platforms marketers should spend their time and efforts on. There’s no simple answer—what’s great for one business might not be the best choice for another. We put together stats about some of the most popular networks to help you choose the right one […]