The Death of Business Cards?

You’ve heard some people say business cards are dead, and you’ve heard people say business cards are still thriving. So which is it? And why are people saying business cards are dead?

We live in a digital world, and lots of things actually function better in the digital space. However, some things still make a better and stronger impression when you actually can hold them in your hand—and business cards are one of them. Here are some top reasons why printed business cards are still very much alive:

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your business card represents you. The style, design, quality, etc. represent who you are as an individual. If a business card is the first thing someone sees about you, you can make sure you’re represented well.
  • Mo' money! Business cards are inexpensive, which means more money for you. It is one of the cheapest yet effective ways to market yourself.
  • Don’t show up empty handed. If you are attending a meeting, sending correspondence, or trying to make a good first impression, it’s acceptable—and sometimes expected—to hand over your card.
  • Size does matter. They are small, convenient, and easy to carry. Perfect for taking with you to meetings or displaying on your desk.
  • You in a nutshell. A business card is you in a nutshell. It has your name, title, where you work, and contact information. It's a great way to show someone who you are and what you do with just a small card.

So, where do you hand out your business cards? The sky's the limit, but we compiled a list for you:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Business activities
  • Networking events
  • Meeting someone for the first time
  • Face-to-face with clients
  • At sales events
  • Mail to potential client
  • People you do business with
  • Leave at the front desk

As a bonus, it's not uncommon to find restaurants and businesses doing business card sweepstakes—just drop your business card off, and wait to see if you win!

If you’re wondering where to find great quality business cards that are sure to make you stand out, look no further! We’ve got you covered with University-approved cards for main campus, University of Utah Health, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and more. You can even upload your own design, or contact us to talk about a new design just for you. All options come with free delivery on campus.

Top image by Pixabay