Brand Marketing You Need to Know

Whether or not you’re involved in marketing, brand identity is something you should be aware of. Did you know that the U has specific brand requirements? If you’re worried about staying within the guidelines, our design team is on top of it. We’ve got you covered! Contact us or 801-581-6171 today to get started on a product within the U’s branding.

What is brand identity? Why is it important?

Brand identity is showing and telling who you are, your story, and why you matter. This is not necessarily highlighting your products and services, but highlighting you! It's about your entire image, and how it relates to your customers or audience.

It's important because it's what your target audience will see/know about you, and informs how they feel about you. It's the first step in creating a relationship with your audience. It's also an essential too when you want to increase awareness, which helps your audience grow.

How can I use it in my department?

You can use it in your department by making sure your brand marketing is consistent:

  • Use the same logo, colors, and fonts
  • Use imagery that is similar in tone and style
  • Make sure your marketing message is unique and consistent
  • Create a routine with your audience

Branding enables you to create unique messages and stories that spark interest in your audience, encouraging them to learn more about your business, products, and services as a result. This will enable you to create lasting impressions of your brand to not only your target audience, but to a potential new target audience as well.