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Better ROI with Direct Mail

Creating the perfect marketing message takes time and money; it’s crucial not only that your audience engages with your message, but also that you measure its outcome.

For many marketers, digital platforms are the communication outlet of choice. There are several good reasons for this: most audiences spend their workdays on a computer (making them easy to reach), it’s relatively inexpensive, and it’s easy to track the campaign’s success using analytic tools.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into this strategy.

The Issue with Digital Marketing

When COVID-19 hit, connecting virtually became a necessity and it changed the look of our inboxes. Normally, the bulk of emails are work-related, with the occasional marketing message scattered here and there. Since the pandemic, inboxes are bombarded with webinar invites and near-daily marketing messages from hovering companies competing for your attention. It’s no surprise a single message gets lost in a sea of unopened and deleted emails.

How to Compete in a Digital World

Consider looking into traditional marketing platforms and use direct mail to reach your patients. With other companies focusing their efforts online during the pandemic, there has been a significant drop in marketing mail—which is great news for you! With less marketing mail delivered to patients’ homes, your piece has a much better shot at getting through to your audience.

Benefits of Direct Mail

Direct mail has an average ROI of 29%. Recipients respond to the targeted message, personalized details, and the sensory response they get when receiving a tangible mail piece made for them.

Marketers like direct mail because it’s also relatively inexpensive to print, has an increased response rate of up to 43% when tied with digital marketing, and with help from Print & Mail Services, is easy to mail.

The Issue with Direct Mail

Some may be wary of using direct mail because they don’t know how to track their campaign’s success. Don’t be discouraged; it’s actually quite simple. Here are some tips to help you collect data to measure your direct mail campaign’s reach.

4 Ways to Track the Success of Direct Mail

  1. Trackable URL
  2. Create a campaign-specific landing page and add the URL to your direct mail piece (but don’t use it anywhere else). You’ll be able to use your site’s analytic tools to determine how many people visited the page.

  3. QR Codes
  4. Add a QR code to your mail piece that goes to your campaign-specific landing page when scanned on a smartphone. Track the page visits with your website’s analytics tools.

  5. Coupon Codes
  6. Include a coupon code used only in your direct mail piece that recipients can redeem in your facility, on your website, or over the phone. If you accept codes over the phone, be sure your staff asks for the coupon code each time.
    Idea: Use coupons to advertise deals on elective medical procedures or promote an item patients can receive if they come to a patient outreach event. You can also use coupons as raffle tickets; have patients call in to get their coupon number inserted into a raffle.

  7. Trackable Phone Numbers
  8. Create a unique phone number for your campaign to document calls made by someone who’s seen your direct mail piece. There are call tracking software companies that can set up a number that automatically forwards calls to your business line.

Where to Get Help

Print & Mail Services is on campus and can assist you with your direct mail needs. We can help design, print, and mail your mail piece. Call 801-581-6171 to talk to a Project Coordinator.

Top image by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash