Easy Way to Save Money on Shipping

If you regularly ship FedEx packages from the office and you’re not using the university’s discount you’re spending more money on shipping than you need to. SendSuite can apply those discounts for you.

SendSuite is a service offered by University Print & Mail Services that allows departments to ship FedEx packages from campus quickly and easily while utilizing the university’s discounted rate. Save your department money and yourself some time by creating a SendSuite account.


Consider This Price Comparison:

Here’s the shipping rate for a package sent via regular FedEx.

FedEx Ground: $17.36

Package Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 5”
Package Weight: 4 lbs
Package Address: from Salt Lake City to Boston


Here’s the same package sent via FedEx using SendSuite, incorporating the university discount.
FedEx Ground: $5.44 + SendSuite charge: $3.50

Total: $8.94

Package Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 5”
Package Weight: 4 lbs
Package Address: from Salt Lake City to Boston

That’s almost 50% less!

Other benefits of using SendSuite: 


Start Saving

Take advantage of this exclusive shipping rate benefit and start saving money on FedEx shipping with SendSuite! Get started by setting up an account and let Print & Mail Services know if you need help. For more information, give us a call anytime at 801-581-6171.

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How to Network More Effectively

Career Success Requires Networking

University Print & Mail Services wants you to succeed in your career endeavors, and that starts with productive networking. Business cards are a simple and affordable way to connect and are the standard networking tool across most industries. As such, in the sea of 39,000+ employees at the U and the million others out in the working world, how can you make yourself stand out? We can help.

Wow With White Ink

It’s no secret that having a high-quality, unique business card makes you look professional and encourages confidence in you from the get-go. Sharp-looking cards resonate with customers and colleagues long after you’ve met. White ink cards take you one step beyond great design and quality appearance, adding a touch of innovative style to your on-paper look. Print & Mail has an array of eye-catching white ink designs, with an option to design your own with help and advice on university branding guidelines from our design team. Visit our website to order or contact a customer service rep to get started.


Rethink the Way You Network

The purpose of networking is to build relationships and exchanging contact info through business cards is the first step. Beyond that, how can you make the most of your networking efforts? Consider the following suggestions:

1st: Make Contact
Instead of going to an event and passing your business cards out like candy, focus on those you want to network with.
2nd: Ask Questions
Inquire about the other person’s job, what projects they’re working on and offer insight on ways you or your department could help.
3rd: Use Their Business Card
Ask for their business card with the intention of sending a handwritten card to cultivate your relationship.
4th: Make an Impression
When you ask for their card, they’ll ask for yours, but yours will be different from the dozens of others they’ll get that day. Yours will be in white ink, displayed on heavy red or black cardstock, ideal for easy spotting in a stack of other lackluster cards.

Traditionalists Welcome, Too

If you’re the type to not stray far from tradition, Print & Mail Services also offers newly designed university business cards, printed on white cardstock. Customize your cards by choosing from 4 campus photos to print on the back and shine them up with a layer of UV coating. Also in the way of personal correspondence, Print & Mail has just unveiled new U stationery and envelope designs. Visit our website to see more.

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